Its been a long while since this site has been dusted off and put to good use, but we haven't been just sitting around on our lazy bums. Since October Pentilex has been firing up a storm! Here are the latest stories.

Fiveflags: We have only four members so far and have had problems of sign up errors where the CAPTHA doesn't load, we are not sure what the issue is, but it should be okay as Webs(our host) has been addressed.
We will begin the actual "Fiveflags" part of the game. Fiveflags will be mostly based on a fictional planet, with a government and operations and many new ideas, you can pretty much have your own land and build whatever you want. The code we will be using is the Manic Digger source code. Manic Digger is a game similar to the ever popular Minecraft by Notch. We will use the open source code as a base, as we will might be changing the 3D models, if not there will be a skin the would be universal for all players to download and edit to your liking, there will be boys and girls versions  (there will be tutorials on our site and basic skin editing all over the internet, you would have had to do the same if we do edit the skin). Hopefully, we could somehow get a server to allow online play. Every texture will be edited and mods (on the Manic Digger forums) to the code will be added. You could think Fiveflags as a GIGANTIC mod to Manic Digger.

Pentilex Racing: What is this? you ask, its basically Jordan's cave for all things motorsport mostly for iRacing's predecessor NASCAR Racing 2003 Season(NR2003). Before you turn away from the idea that NASCAR and every other motorsport is driving in circles, can you fully understand and use the physics of drafting, setting up a car to drive at triple digit speeds for more than a few hours, maintaining a determined attitude and staying focused for hours upon grueling hours? If not try saying motorsport is driving in circles again. :P Anyways I have a racing series going where you choose a car, sponsor and number, and I will enter you in the race, you do not need NR2003 to sign up, and you can't create your own team at this point, you can join at any time before August 3rd( as thats when the summer series ends, and team sign ups begin again for the winter 5 race series. There is no age limit, and you can drive any car from 2003 to now, as long as its NOT a truck, motorcycle, convertible, hatchback or stationwagon(estate). 

Pentilex: There is now a Pentilex website, very, basic, to showcase anything not pertaining to Fiveflags, or Pentilex Racing, mostly codes, Not So Average Joe, Fiveflags Animations, and whatever else, while this site will be mainly for news and obviously random stuff( since as it has the highest visitor flow

Hopefull you read the parts that you are interested in and are caught up!

If you like designing, building, drawing or being creative, this is the game for you. It's great for boys and girls to express their innovative ides when they don't have chains, ropes, wood, steel, helium, electric engines or super powerful magnets lying around. In this free program you can draw pieces and edit them to be steel, wood, glass, ice,, rubber, helium, water or even an imaginary substance. They can be hinged together, or fixated to things even the sky, or you can turn the gravity off and  virtually build in space ! My bro and I have a lot of fun having contests, building structures, creating animals, we even have Phun Us( we took a picture, cut out the face and put it on rag-doll's head, of course for safety we can't share them). Sometime in the future I might share my projects with you.
Here is the link for the FREE download from their official website
It's under Older versions, the entire site is for Algodoo, the successor of Phun, Algodoo is not free and is not much different at all.
If you want to get more scenes go here
 Soon, I will create a forum post at Fiveflags
for you guys to show your creations
After a year of search and development, find a good builder to plan our success, we have finally...well somewhat done it. Fiveflags Beta has finally released. Wait! Before you switch over to Twitter, listen to this. This time it is all its own virtual world no more waiting to get your account verified. Be the first to get a new Fiveflags account. 
 Web site information will be released later.
All Fiveflags will be soon transferred over there. Fiveflags will become more of the Virtual World style, self service, safe social network for kids of all ages like no other. Mainly because were the only fueled by YOU, yes you. Send us feedback, comments and especially suggestions. We all know what we want, we aren't trying to operate some weird website were the producers only come up with weird things nobody likes. Your ideas may just be seen on our website. From now on most Fiveflags announcements will be there, everything else random will be here ( hence pop randomness). 
Hers the link enjoy----                      

DirecTV vs. Viacom squabble could see Nick, MTV, Comedy Central and 24 others go dark at midnight. In other words no SpongeBob, Dora, iCarly and more. This happens ONLY if you have DirecTV. Both Viacom and DirecTV have their own sides to this issue. DirecTV says that they demanded Viacom to not rise their prices to continue lowered price programming. Viacom says that DirecTV dismissed their price rise and will be suspending these channels. If this is to confusing, basically Viacom wants for DirecTV owners to pay more for their channels and DirecTV says no.
We have been working hard on our virtual world and have been looking around for new ones. Here's our top 5 favorites:
1. Roblox- a 3d virtual world where you can build and be anyone and be anything, great for boys and girls
2. Poptropica- a cool 2d virtual world where you go on exciting islands with great adventures, boys and girls will appeal. www.poptropica,com
3. Fly Like a Bird 3- pretty self explanatory. Flay in many different environments with many people or by yourself,  make nests and lay eggs!
4.Monkey Quest-A Nickelodeon Virtual worlds with many adventures to go on, aimed at boys
5.Petpet Park. own a cute petpet and decorate your house and own a grden, go on fun quests to earn mony and XP, aimed at girls



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Hey everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!I know we did! To start off our break we took a trip to a small airport!  There we got to play a flight simulator and fly in a small aircraft called The Piper Warrior II! Soon I will post aerial views of a lake and other places! Many times during the flight we were lightheaded and flew near the clouds.After the flight, we got Certificates stating that our names were placed in a museum in Oshkosh,WI
Hello!  Welcome! We are still getting ready for much more fun later. Right now we are still trying to figure out what to do! you guys can send in requests for any thing you want on this site.  Just for reference please no profanity or bad words(no last names for safety:0,also this is a "co-gender" site yes we are boys but we will be able to know what everyone likes if you post comments and requests! We don't mind if you critique our work just keep it clean. this site is a place for kids to make statements and send requests. This is a democracy you, yes you can vote, spread the word and come back often! ( :